Walk Out Closet | Smukfest 2017


Being invited to design an art fashion installation for Smukfest`17 was a suggestion accepted with great joy.

Floating from the wooden crowns several meter long dresses illuminates the festivals beautiful surroundings. Complementing the green shades of the forrest, the radiant blue garments shines and sparkles, in various textures from lasercut acrylic, foam, aluminium to bubble wrap.

The expression is sculptural, graphic and scenic with a majestic aesthetic, and as the garments are lit the universe of the installation changes depending on whether it is day, evening, night or dawn. WALK OUT CLOSET connects fashion and nature emphasizing both nature and fashion's sculptural shapes and artistic touch.

A collaboration between BAGVED, SMUKFEST´17 and Charlotte Maardt, MAARDT STUDIO

Charlotte FalbergSmukfest